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December 24, 2021by Daniel Boniface0
Active activities come with a lot of things, primarily fatigue and stress.
What matters is our ability to cope with these things and still achieve our desired result.
Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain exacted on a person. 
Likely though, you feel at school you face as much pressure as your parents do, though they say you don’t have a mortgage to pay or an employer to please.
Have you ever had the feeling that your parents don’t understand the level of stress you go through at school?
Some teenagers feel so much stress at school that they feel like screaming. The journey to school in itself can be very stressful, and at school as though planned, the stress doesn’t even let up.
Somehow it feels like there are some invisible forces targeted at stressing your wits out coming from teachers, students, never-ending tests, continuous home works, threats from teachers, peer pressure all these things in a minimum 7 hour of school is enough to stress anyone.
Students with busy schedules can easily become overwhelmed due to the fact that you have less time to relax.
As you progress from elementary to high school and to college or the university, the amount and difficulty level of schoolwork increases and students without proper management skills have the tendency to experience even more stress.
Stress at school does not let up when you get older the reasons for it just differ.
You most likely go through the following:  

1. Stress From Teachers: You might feel like your teachers want the best for you and want you to the best grades as such, you might feel pressure to gain their approval.

2.Stress From Peers: On a daily basis you face the pressure of being involved in a lot of things like drinking, smoking and sex. Most times, it is hard to resist the desire to join.

Stress factors come in many forms including:
Pressure of combining paid work and study
Difficulty in organizing work
Poor time management
Leaving assignments to the last minute
Parents high expectation
Sexual harassment
Parental Issues
Eccl 7:7 says: 

 Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad; and a gift destroyeth the heart. 

 The feeling of induced tension is perfectly normal and just like was said earlier, it’s how we manage it that matters.
Stress results from an accumulation of many different pressures which build up gradually without us noticing.
You might find it hard to believe, but the fact that you feel some stress is actually a good thing. Why? It indicates that you’re diligent and that your conscience hasn’t become lazy.
Proper stress management is so doable with the effective skills and techniques with it. 
1. Self-Care: First thing you want to do is to ensure you have enough time to get enough sleep. Sleeping at least eight hours a day not only helps cope with stress but also boosts your memory capacity. You need to have some “me time” to do the things and spend time with people that ease you of the stress example regular participation in physical activities.
2. Identify the Specific Problem: The first step towards solving any challenge is identification. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by academic pressures and stress related to your coursework, it’s important to identify the cause or challenges you’re facing so you can figure out the best strategy for eliminating some of that stress. So sit down and identify what it is exactly that is causing the tension.
3. Prioritizing: This means putting the most important things before the less important things with appropriate timings.
Write down the things that are important and urgent (example home works, tests, classes etc.) and also write down the things that are important but not urgent (Club meetings) Allocate them with precise timings.
4. Avoid Procrastination: Problems don’t disappear if you ignore them rather, they become worse. Once you have a school work to do, do it right away.
Putting it away for something less important will only result to induced stress later. Doing what needs to be done immediately helps lessen your stress. 
5. Acknowledge Your Limits: A weight lifter doesn’t load the bar with more than he can carry and carries the weight with caution. If he fails to prepare properly beforehand, he could tear a muscle or result in a much more damage.
Everyone has their limits, don’t try to go beyond your limits so you don’t hurt yourself. Try talking to a mature adult about the problem. You know, your parents could also be of help. Whatever it is you don’t have to carry the burden alone.
School may seem like a really bad place, but the pressures you face there are the same ones you’ll face in the workforce.
True, coping with stress isn’t easy. But if managed properly, stress won’t harm you. In fact, it can make you a stronger person.

Daniel Boniface

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