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November 22, 2021by Daniel Boniface0

Getting Things Done 

Have trouble persuading yourself to do the things you should do or would like to do? 
There’s actually a popular saying “It’s easier said than done” well that’s true actually and most of us have this raucous ability of sweeping things under the rug with the idea that we’ll get to it “eventually”.
This “thief of time” has actually done what it says and that is “steal time”.
  • Procrastination means putting things off intentionally or habitually. 
More opportunities make for more choices, the more choices there are, the harder it becomes to make a decision. The inability to make a decision is when “decision paralysis sets in”
It’s very easy to see the shortcomings of every decision you have chosen.
Do you know that feeling when you have something to do, but you just don’t do it anyway?
Can you recall the last time you put off doing something important or making a decision? What are your emotional experiences in these situations?
The realization that you are not living up to your potential can lead to guilt and frustration.
When you procrastinate, instead of working on important, meaningful tasks, you find yourself performing trivial activities. And just as said before Procrastination is mostly caused by an inability to make decisions and this then leads to decision paralysis.
Procrastination is one of the barriers preventing you from getting up early in the morning, it’s what’s stopping you from making the right decisions and living the life you want.
Honestly, this actually feels like saving time; when you postpone something from the “now” to the “later” it feels like you’ve just acquired some time. BUT it is what it is – Just a feeling Reality Check! You’re actually wasting time
When you procrastinate, you waste time that you could be investing in something meaningful. Think of what you could achieve, the limits you could break if you could just overcome this fierce enemy, we would accomplish more than we could ever imagine.
  • Know This: Procrastination is NOT laziness 


If you want to go far in life, if you want to live a fulfilled accomplished life then it’s time to WAKE UP to reality and stop daydreaming. We need to set straight our values and personal visions and to cultivate our positive habits. This is the essential thing that can help us overcome not only procrastination but also all the other obstacles that life brings.
The following arsenals (abbreviated as A) will help bring down this giant of procrastination:

A1 – Value Time 

Time is life not money. It is the most valuable commodity we have and when well utilized becomes when of the strongest weapon in this arsenal. You can borrow, earn and even waste money and still get it back but you can’t do that with time.
  • Petr Ludwig once said “Every second wasted is irrecoverably gone, never to return.”

A2 – Self-Discipline 

To be disciplined, you need to have the correct type of motivation and learn to maintain and work on positive habits. You issue out instructions and orders to yourself and find out that you’re having a hard time following your own orders.

A3 – Personal Vision

  • “Mahatma Gandhi once said to do what we fear is the first step to success”.
By creating a personal vision, you come into the understanding of your skills and priorities and also, you’ll never feel lost in whatever it is you want to do.
Personal Vision or PV will help you to focus your effort on the right activities and set right priorities to avoid being hooked up in a lot of decisions

A4 – To-Do List

Oh, come on! You can’t be serious.
Actually, I am.
You see, long to-do lists just never seem to have an end, they just pile on and on and then leads to procrastination. At the sight of the long list of tasks, frustration sets in.
So, this is what to do, draw a list for the things you want to do TODAY.
This will help you get the most important and urgent activities done while also helping to prioritize the work on your schedule and limit new tasks.

A5 – Habit 

It takes a minimum of 21 days of continually doing something to form a habit out of it.
Making a habit of doing a thing will require some mental energy to do them at first but if we continue in it its implementation requires less mental energy to do it.
Change Your habit, Change your life. 
We have more control over our lives than many of us like to believe and that is why we need to take the time to think and reason out how we can do things rather than stubbornly giving them up.
It’s about time we became a little more stubborn about persevering and a little less obstinate about opting out.  Now is the time to get up n go.

Daniel Boniface

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